Jackson Hospital | Partners | Fall 2020

4 Jackson Hospital COMMUNITY PROVIDER SPOTLIGHT OB/GYN Jackson Hospital has partnered with an expert team of obstetrics and gynecology specialists to provide care for women throughout all stages of life, from the beginning of menstruation to prenatal care and childbirth to menopause. Our teams of OB/GYN physicians offer comprehensive women’s care and have access to the Jackson Hospital Family Birth Center for delivery. CENTRAL ALABAMA WOMEN’S CARE • Henry Johnson, MD • Julian McIntyre, MD 2055 E. South Blvd., Suite 806 Montgomery, AL 36116 334-747-8920 DR. GLENN SAUCER • Glenn Saucer, MD 1722 Pine St., Suite 603 Montgomery, AL 36106 334-264-2422 KOURI, GENTRY & DUGGAR • Christopher Duggar, MD • Jason Gentry, MD • David Kouri, MD 1758 Park Place, Suite 201 Montgomery, AL 36106 334-263-3630 THE JACKSON CLINIC • LaToya Clark, MD • Gregory Jones, DO • Crystal Reese, MD 1758 Park Place, Suite 301 Montgomery, AL 36106 334-284-1500 NEONATOLOGY Jackson Hospital specializes in the care of newborn babies who may need additional care after birth. Our expert team of neonatologists care for infants who are born prematurely or with a low birth weight or need extra care for jaundice, breathing problems, or low blood sugar. ENVISION PHYSICIAN SERVICES • Michelle Bez, DO • Des Bharti, MD • Cynthia Bonner, MD • Dhananjay Deoskar, MD • Meyer Dworsky, MD • Ayne Iafolla, MD • Andrew Klinger, MD • Wahib Mena, MD • Lee Morris, MD • Zuzana Novak, MD • Laura Stabin, MD • Sara Staples, MD 2350 Fairlane Drive, Suite 210 Montgomery, AL 36116 334-281-7523 through EXPERTCARE F R O M R O U T I N E T O S P E C I A L I Z E D C A R E , O U R P H